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Network Time Protocol (NTP) / Precision Time Protocol (PTP) Server
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Arbiter Systems
Arbiter Systems
Provides GPS-synchronized, stratum level 1 Network Time Protocol or Precision Time Protocol - PTP (IEEE 1588) on two 10/100BT or SSF Fiber Ethernet connectors. Available on Models 1084, 1088 and 1093.

The Network Time Protocol / Precision Time Protocol Server option allows an Arbiter Systems®, Inc. GPS Satellite-Controlled Clock to act as a time server over an Ethernet network using the Network Time Protocol (NTP) and the Precision Time Protocol1 (PTP). Operating as a primary server (NTP stratum 1 or PTP Grandmaster), time is distributed to connected systems, such as workstations, PCs, servers, routers, relays and other IEDs via the two Ethernet interfaces (10/100BT or Fiber). The Network Time Protocol Server understands NTP version 2, version 3 and version 4 frames while optionally supporting authentication via DES and MD5 cryptographic checksums as defined in RFCs 5905. Typical accuracy for NTP is one millisecond on a LAN to a few tens of milliseconds on a WAN as compared to UTC (Coordinated Universal Time); accuracy varies depending upon network traffic.  The Precision Time Protocol Server supports the IEEE 1588-2008 protocol and functions as a grandmaster clock1. PTP accuracy using software only is better than 100 microseconds and using hardware assist is better than 1 microsecond.

The Option 34 was designed with flexibility and security in mind allowing customized configurations while maintaining NERC CIP compatibility. Dual 10/100 Mb/s, independently configurable Ethernet ports give simultaneously access to both the NTP and PTP servers.  Providing both NTP and PTP support allows for future upgrade paths for networks that currently lack PTP hardware support. Configuration is simplified using the web interface or the SSH console. The two 10/100BT Ethernet ports can be either the standard electrical RJ-45 connectors, SFF (small form factor) fiber modules or a combination of both.

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