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Комутатор Network Switch P2260
Комутатор Network Switch P2260
OEM код:
Vigor Switch P2260
Код на производителя:
Vigor Switch P2260
Комутатор Network Switch P2260

SMBs, you do notice that your increasing business requires much more comprehensive corporate structure to conduct diversified tasks. At the same time, your current corporate structure escalates the complexity of the IT infrastructure such as the conisderable numbers of wire PCs needed, the management of bandwidth usage, the need of isolated date transmission between departments and so on. Not having sufficient IT resources to deal with these things ? DrayTek VigorSwitch series make you and your IT professionals' life easier. In addition to the basic switch function for managing wire PCs, VigorSwitch series take care of the stable quality and security of data flow.

VigorSwitch series utilize both fixed and dynamic methods to ensure your quality of daily data transmission, especially for the real-time application. For fixed method, DrayTek bandwidth management allows users to define different bandwidth for various departments. For example, you migh like your Sales Dept. to always have highest speed for data upload/download to achieve customers' requests ASAP. On the other hand, your HR Dept. could be allocated the smaller bandwidth due to its job function more focusing on internal communication. For dynamic method, DrayTek applies QoS to make sure the essential data always receives the highest priority. For instance, QoS gives your VoIP the highest priority to ensure the crystal-clear voice quality.

For external networking communication securiy, VigorSwitch series apply IEEE802.1x authentications for each network acess for users. Moreover, MAC filter function allows users to limit the number of MAC address per prot. Users can define static MAC address for each port ot ensure the access of registered machines. With these two feature, users can establish an access mechanism with identifying user and machine, and control the number of access stations easily.

For you internal management securiyt, you wouldn't like each individual in your organization to access the corporate confidential data not corresponding to his/her job function. VigorSwitch series allows you to set up various VLAN groups to control the access between certain VLAN groups to enhance the securiyt. For example, Sales Dept. (VLAN 1) would only have limited or no data accessibility to Financial Dept. (VLAN 2) dependent upon our corporate policy. On the other hand, employees in the same department (VLAN) can exchange data much quickly to enhance the performance.

Besides providing secuiryt, VLAN group setup also lets you easily grant the suitable bandwidth to particular Dept. Moreover, VLAN assists dynamic data transmission through Q in Q. For example, VigorSwitch series would assign the tag for certain data related to real-time applications such as VoIP or IPTV to obtain the highest speed through your network.

Certainly, DrayTek understands you want morel VigorSwitch series complied with Layer 2 are easy to use and install. Also, VigorSwitch series fully-compatible with existing 10/100/1000 network infrastructure provide high speed data flow with 8 and 24 gigabit Ethernet prots. Users can utilize dual media prots for flexibly switching to the fiber connection. Moreover, VigorSwitch series reflect the current " Green IT " demand to have noiseless design and lauch POE switch to better manage your energy consumption. Now, you can save your electricity bill and protect our own mother earth at the same time.

  • ·24 10/100 Fast Ethernet ports Layer 2 managed PoE network switch
  • VLAN features for providing both security and performance
  • Layer 4 classification for QoS function to assist real-time applications
  • Port Mirroring mechanism for monitoring network witchout breaking down data flow
  •   Dual media ports for flexible fiber connection switching
  •   Port trunk for balancing traffic load
  •    802.1x Access Control for improving network security
  •   802.1d compatible & 802.1w Rapid Spanning Tree for failover backup
  • Broadcast/Multicast Storm Control for preventing flooding in the network

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