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T-4900 WDM Transmission System
T-4900 WDM Transmission System
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Smart Optics
Smart Optics
With up to four transponders in a 1U form factor, in-built EDFA amplifiers, Performance Monitoring, Line Protection and Network Management, the T-4900 is one of the smallest 10G footprints available on the market.  Pluggable XFP optics means that the T-4900 platform is truly a pay as you grow platform reducing network complexity and spare part holding. All data rates between 9.4Gbps and 10.7 Gbps are handled which makes the T-4900 suitable for 10G Ethernet (Lan and WAN), SDH/SONET (STM-64/OC-192) and 10G Fibre Channel.

The T-4900 is an ultra compact multi-service 10G transmission system offering a simple 10G distance extension and xWDM solution.

Features and Benefits
  • Highly flexible Metro C/DWDM platform for transport of data, storage, voice, and video applications over dark fiber and C/DWDM networks.
  • Performs bi-directional 3R ensuring error-free operation over distance.
  • Supports up to 4 channels in a single 1U unit and up to 8 CWDM or 32 DWDM channels when combined together.
  • Supports 10G Eth LAN/WAN, STM-64/OC-192, OTU-2, 10G FC in any mix.
  • Cost-effective, compact 1U platform with low power consumption.
  • 1+1 channel and equipment protection ideal for CLE (Customer Located Equipment).
  • Remote management with dedicated optical supervisory channels.
  • Pluggable XFP interface for both client and WDM channels, allowing maximum flexibility as well as ease of maintenance and operation.
  • Pay-as-you-grow architecture.
  • Unique native Gigabit Ethernet and SDH/SONET  performance monitoring.
  • The T-4900 series is designed primarily to address the growing needs for high data capacity applications such as 10G Ethernet connectivity for IPTV, Triple play and NGN services. Existing distance barriers are removed using WDM XFPs and the in-built optical amplifiers at a new market defining price point.
  • The T-4900 capabilities and competitive cost make it the ideal solution for evolving 10G Metro and Regional Ethernet networks and data-center connectivity. The T-4900 supports up to 4 high speed 10G services, 2 optical amplifiers (EDFA’s), and optical switch for both transponder and regenerator modes. This compact solution results in a simple approach to upgrade existing infrastructure to carry 10G services.
  • The T-4900 seamlessly integrates with the T-4408 thus enabling a mixture of low and high bit-rate services configured with the same web-based management tool.  Optical transceivers, both on the service side and on the WDM-uplink side, are pluggable and fully replaceable allowing pay-as-you-grow budget planning and simplified maintenance.

 The T-4900 is highly suitable for applications such as:

  • 10G Regional and Metro Networking
  • Effective infrastructure of triple play, DSLAM and CMTS backhaul
  • Enabling upgrade of existing CWDM and DWDM networks to 10G

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